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Helping our vital energy

This type of complementary care is offered in many large children's hospitals.     Healing Touch is gentle and relaxing for your baby.    It can be helpful for babies who have a hard time relaxing.    

I am pleased to offer this service, as I believe that when we help our children learn to relax and release tension or stress, it promotes a happier and healthier disposition.  Healing Touch may help strengthen the immune system, by lowering stress and building resiliency. 

Healing Touch uses mostly very light downward strokes to clear, balance and harmonize your baby's energy system.   




Healing Touch is fun and easy to do.

Healing Touch is great for moms and dads as well.

I have completed Levels I - III with the Healing Touch Program.  I have also taken Healing Touch for Babies.  I assist Level I, II and III Healing Touch classes. 

Healing Touch provides a calming input to your baby's brain and spinal cord.

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