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Love is the first gift you give your baby, the second gift is tummy time!


Tummy Time!™ "How to"

  • Select a tummy time spot in your home. 
  • Place a clean blanket on the floor.  It may be helpful to pick a spot on carpet, area rug, yoga mat or padded foam floor
  • Place 1 or 2 age appropriate toys near you
  • Lay your baby on his or her back to begin   
  • Engage your baby in back and forth interaction, for example, eye contact, cooing, making different facial expressions.  You are playing first, to warm your baby up for tummy time experiences 
  • Be available for eye contact as much of the time as possible. 
  • Slowly roll your baby from their back to their tummy slowly. It can be helpful to roll baby to his or her side first, and wait until it flows to roll into tummy time position 
  • You can sing or talk, make gentle playful noises, offer a toy for looking at, etc. to keep baby engaged during Tummy Time!™.   It may be very helpful to lie down on your tummy with your baby.  This benefits both of you, the baby has his mom/dad close by and you get to spend some quality time with him or her
  • When your baby starts to communicate they are ready to transition out of tummy time, by vocalizations or movements/facial expression, gently tuck one arm underneath the chest and roll your baby to his or her side and then back.   It is supportive and loving to pick your baby up, hug him or her, and give lots of encouragement by hugging /holding baby close to your heart, reassuring baby "You did it!"  "Wow, you are amazing on your tummy !" etc.
  • Then repeat for 5-15 minutes, depending upon your baby's abilities

Tummy Time!™ recommendations:

  • 3-4 sessions per day
  • 5-15 minutes per session to start. 
  • Gradually build up the minutes

Tummy Time!™ recommendations based on age:

Newborn-2 months old -  spend a minimum of 30 minutes per day during awake periods.

2-4 months old - spend a minimum of 45 minutes to 1 and a half hours per day during awake periods.

4-6 months old - spend a minimum of 1 - 2 hours per day during awake periods.

6-8 months old - the majority of waking hours will be spent in tummy time or sitting / learning to sit.  Babies should learn to sit before they learn to stand.

Consider a consultation if you notice any of the following during TummyTime!:

  • baby fusses or cries consistently during TummyTime!
  • baby arches his or her back consistently 
  • baby has difficulty turning his or her head side to side 
  • baby is unable to touch their face or mouth with a hand while in tummy time
  • baby spends less than 10 minutes per day doing TummyTime!


The KEY TO SUCCESS with TummyTime! is consistency.  It's fairly easy to bring your baby to see me, we usually have a great time during a session.   The hard work comes when you go home.  TummyTime! needs to be done every day, several times a day.  This is a big commitment, and one I know you can do!!! 

Is it okay for a newborn to do TummyTime?   YES! 
It is highly recommended that you begin tummy time as soon as you get home from the hospital or birthing center. 

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