Whole Body LLC


I offer a variety of services, either in therapy sessions or classes/clinics. Much of what I teach in the classes finds its way into therapy sessions. Here you can find brief listings. Click through for more information. 
Central to my work is a belief in resiliency through touch. Most of us believe that it is easy to be a baby, but babies clearly demonstrate to us through their body language, facial expressions, and vocal expressions that they experience trauma and discomfort. These traumas can be little or big, and it can be as simple as a cramped position in utero or as complex as a traumatic birthing experience. Your child will experience all kinds of trauma throughout life, from scraped knees to broken bones. I am not interested in preventing trauma. Instead, I am interested in building resiliency.
Resiliency is the ability to recover rapidly, to regain the original shape or position after being bent, stretched, or compressed. Synonyms for resiliency are buoyancy or elasticity, which are central to how we want our children to respond to trauma in life. We build resiliency in our children through touch and the way we respond to our children over time. This is central to my therapy and all of the methods that I teach.  

  • Manual therapy/bodywork
  • Baby reflexology

  • Baby Yoga
  • Clinics - bodywork, oral function, etc.