Whole Body LLC


Gentle Touch therapy promote the ultimate relaxation within your baby's body, which facilitates the natural healing process. Often babies have some area of tightness or compression that causes undue tension or stress on the nerves that supply the body. The tense or compressed areas are very gently softened and your baby will be able to let go of this stress, which relieves the symptoms.

Manual Therapy
I am trained and experienced in a wide variety of manual therapies, including Therapeutic Skin Movement in Pediatrics (TSMP), DermoNeuromodulation (DMN), Reflexology, Autonomic Nervous System Therapeutics, Myofascial release, and CranioSacral therapy. I also have training in Myofunctional therapy and created BabyMyo™, a program designed specifically for precrawling babies. 
I utilize all of this in my practice. The gentle manual therapy techniques I use help relieve symptoms of gestational constriction and adverse infant events (mechanical force or psychological injury, including before or during birth). Symptoms of adverse infant events can include hypersensitivity to sound, movement, diaper changes, etc.; poor sleep; irritability; poor feeding; stiffness; and lethargy/low energy or, at the other extreme, hyperexcitability. 
I use gentle hand positions and movements to help your baby's body to relax and move to a natural alignment and function. My primary goals are a well regulated nervous system and to equip you with techniques to help at home. I use a very specific, skilled, light touch, applied where necessary to assist the natural ability of the body to release stress and tension.  

Baby Reflexology
Reflexology is very gentle, specific touch on your baby's feet, hands, or ears. Every organ and structure of the body is represented in a specific spot on these body parts. 
Baby reflexology techniques help promote balance and harmony in your baby's body. I will apply gentle pressure to different areas, which stimulates energy flow, clears congestion, and balances the body. This helps your baby feel settled and comfortable in his/her body. Baby reflexology benefits your baby by: 
  • promoting general health and wellness
  • decreasing reflux
  • decreasing colic symptoms
  • soothing teething symptoms
  • reducing ear infections
  • improving sinus congestion
  • reducing breathing problems
  • improving sleeping problems
  • and more
I will teach you to apply simple, fun techniques. Since all babies are different, these techniques will be specific to your baby's needs.