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About TummyTime! Method


What is TummyTime!™ Method? 


A unique program developed by Michelle Emanuel to address the needs of babies in the newborn to precrawling stage of life. The program is specific to attuning to baby's calm and relaxed state as well as bonding with parent during tummy time experiences.  

Why TummyTime? 

Because tummy time is the foundation of all sensorimotor skills throughout life

Your baby is learning how to move their body outside of the womb.  It is important for your baby to learn to use his or her neck, shoulder and arm muscles when in tummy time. Researchers have found consistent tummy time to be associated with improved motor development.  This means that four month old babies who spent at least 30 waking minutes on their tummies scored higher on developmental tasks when compared to babies who did not spend time in tummy time. 

You can visit TummyTime!™ Method's main website for more information on tummy time and on therapy. 


Are you a professional? Training is available!


This training is designed for professionals who interact with new families and babies on a regular basis. The training provides a vital approach to help with baby's comfort and transition to extrauterine life and the tummy time position. TTM helps baby resolve inutero constriction and decreased movement and gestational or birth trauma, as well as help to regulate posture, movement, and connection with parent. 

Visit TummyTime! Method's primary page for professionals, found here, for more information. 



Tummy time is absolutely one of the most important activities for developing upper body strength and dexterity.